[TFT Displays]

[TFT Displays]

​Repair of TFT monitors

​... of renowned manufacturers such as GDS, ISFT, Sanyo, ACT-Kern, Wincor Nixdorf and Siemens.

​TFT monitor check-up

​We test the individual components for functionality and can locate defective components within very short time. We fix the component assemblies of LEDs and CCFLs, inverters, display controllers and PSUs. In many cases we also use new display controllers or inverters in order to ensure a longer life time of the monitor.

​CCFL or LED backlight replacement

Display brightness gradually decreases or fails completely. We replace CCFL in displays from 8.4'' to 15'' within shortest time. For the future, we are also equipped for the LED backlight technology. 

We stock special tubes such as W-, U- or L-shaped tubes. In this way, we are able to replace the backlight tubes for special displays such as the Sharp LQ150X1LGN2. 

​Replacement of polarization foils

​Polarization foils turn yellow over the years due to heat and other factors. Eventually, the displayed image becomes unclear or difficult to read. We replace polarization foils for sizes up to 15''.

​Matrix replacement

​In some cases, as in the case of special solutions, a replacement of the panel is not possible. In this case we only replace the matrix. Even if the matrix or the panel has been discontinued, our engineers will implement a new alternative matrix.

Example: Panel-Matrix HannStar HSD121PS11 -> Replacement with an alternative matrix

​Panel replacement

In case the panel and the matrix are physically destroyed or the activation of the panel control fails, we will replace the panel as a whole (upon quotation).

If the original panel is not available, we will make some technical adjustments and implement an equivalent alternative panel with at least the same or even better technical characteristics.

​TFT Replacement

​For non-repairable TFT displays we offer complete replacement monitors for the ATM sector that can be easily replaced via plug-and-play.

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