[CRT Displays]

[CRT Displays]

​Repair of CRT / Cathode Ray Tube monitors

​Repair and maintenance of conventional CRT monitors as used in the banking sector, e.g. LG, FSC, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Mitsubishi, ACT-Kern, Samsung, FAIR, Formenti, Emco, Kristel.

​CRT monitor check-up

​Our qualified technicians test the individual components for functionality and can locate defective components within shortest time. Repair of component assemblies of power adapters, mainboard, color control, and so on. 

​TFT Monitor Replacement

​In case the CRT monitor is not repairable or the picture tube is not available anymore, we can offer you a suitable TFT display from our comprehensive product range as a replacement.

We provide suitable TFT displays for every CRT monitor used in the banking industry!

For this we only use the mounting of the old picture tube and mount - as shown in the illustration - a TFT monitor with a curved frame.The picture tube and the entire electronics will be dismantled and properly disposed.

​The replacement of CRT monitors by TFT displays is currently available for all 10'' and 15'' monitor tubes as used in ATMs.