Spare Parts for ATMs

Spare Parts for ATMs

Do you need spare parts for ATMs?

Whether you need wear parts, LED or CCFL lamps, custom-made devices etc, we offer advice and support in obtaining or manufacturing the parts required.

Spare part search worldwide for discontinued products.

Please see the following table for a list of spare parts currently in stock.

TypeArticle IDIDentifier
TFT-DisplayLQ150X1LGN2A15" Sharp Panel
TFT-DisplayLM150X0815" LG Philips Panel
TFT-DisplayLB150X0215" LG Philips Panel
TFT-DisplayG084SN05 V.3AUO 8,4" TFT Panel -350cd/qm, RoHs-konform
TFT-DisplayG104SN02-V.1AUO 10,4" LCD Panel, 800x600, CCFL 400cd/m?
TFT-DisplayLTM10C27310,4" TFT Toshiba Panel
TFT-DisplayLTM10C27310,4" TFT Toshiba Panel - gebraucht
TFT-DisplayLTM12C28512,1" TFT Toshiba Panel 500cd
TFT-DisplayLTD104C11S10,4" TFT Toshiba Panel
TFT-DisplayLTM12C275A12,1" TFT Toshiba Panel
TFT-DisplayLB121S112,1" TFT LG Phillips Panel
TFT-DisplayNL6448BC26-09C8,4" NEC Panel VGA, NLT, 700cd
TFT-DisplayNL8060BC21-038,4" NEC Panel SVGA, NLT, LVDS, 650cd
TFT-DisplayNL10276BC20-0410,4" NEC Panel XGA,300cd+ Inverter 104PW191
TFT-DisplayNL6448BC33-63C10,4" NEC Panel VGA, NLT,LVDS,450 cd
TFT-DisplayNL8060BC26-1710.4" NEC Panel 800x600 SVGA, 250cd
TFT-DisplayNL8060BC26-2710,4" NEC Panel, SVGA, SFT, 400cd
TFT-DisplayNL8060BC26-30C10,4" NEC Panel SVGA, NLT, LVDS, 550cd
TFT-DisplayNL8060BC31-3212,1" Panel SVGA - 400 cd
TFT-DisplayNL10276BC30-1815" NEC Panel XGA, LVDS, 500cd
TFT-DisplayNL10276BC30-18C15" NEC Panel XGA, LVDS, 600cd
TFT-DisplayG104X1-L0110,4" Panel CHI MEI - XGA,LVDS, 380 cd/m?+Inverter GH254A
TFT-DisplayLH1226 V.212,1" Panel LH1226 V.2 (1.250cd)+Controller
TFT-DisplayNL8060BC31-3612,1" Panel SVGA - 1100 cd
TFT-DisplayNL10276BC24-1312" NEC Panel LVDS,350cd/qm
TFT-DisplayNL10276BC24-21F12,1" LED-Panel XGA, 800cd, LVDS+ Inverter 104PW03F
Frontblende7400-4501-0115" Bezel für ICA & Ascom Ticketautomaten
InverterFIF1742-45DFFrontek Inverter P1742E45
InverterVNR10C209-INVInverter LTM10C273 inkl. Kabel
Inverter104PWBJ1-CInverter NEC 10,4" NL8060BC26-17
Inverter104PW161Inverter NEC 10,4" SVGA NL8060BC26-27
Inverter104PW201Inverter NEC 10,4" NL8060BC26-30C und NL6448BC33-63C
Inverter84PW031Inverter 8,4" NEC NL8060BC21-03 /BC26-09C
InverterFIQF63V2.60S+Inverter 10,4" AUO G104SN02V.1
InverterQF132V1.80Inverter 12" Toshiba LTM12C285
InverterQF63V2.02SInverter 10,4" Toshiba LTD104C11S
InverterQF82V4.10SInverter 8,4" Panel AUO
LüfterAD0424HB-B31ADDA Lüfter, DC-FAN, 40x40x28, 24V, 0.12A
ICMAX738ACWEDC/DC Konverter DIP8, 738 MAX
ICMP4503Toshiba Power Transistor Module
ICMP4504Toshiba Power Transistor Module
ICF1S50N06Power Mosfet N-Channel
ICSN75LVDS83LVDS Transmitter
ICSiI151BCT100Halbleiter SIL151BCT100 V39762.1
ICGM5621-LF-AADual Input LCD Controller
ICSiI1151CLUPanelLink Receiver VGA-SXGA
ICSIL140ACT64LVDS Transmitter
Controller01750022093Wincor Nixdorf TFT Controller Board
ControllerSM-ADE3300CController NEC 10,4" NL8060BC26-17
ControllerFBD521CO2Komplettes AD Board 8,4" AUO Panel
ControllerRTC-SIL141-MDR36Panellink Controller SIL141-MDR36
ControllerZXY-S-OFF-32-BZytronic Touch Controller RS232
ControllerE928494CarrollTouch 4000S Serial Controller

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