[Replacement displays (TFT/LCD)]

[Replacement displays (TFT/LCD)]

Replacement displays for industrial applications          

​We have been offering company specific display solutions for cash
and ticket machines for more than 10 years.
However, we design and engineer solutions for other applications as well:

  • ​Parking ticket machines
  • Interactive kiosks         
  • Auto fuel terminals
  • Pay stations
  • Self-service parcel stations
  • On board / mobile use
  • Industrial machines e.g. cutting machines, CNC
  • Any other custom development

For this, we use the full range of TFT displays for
industrial and professional indoor and outdoor applications.

  • ​Industrial TFT displays from 8.4  to  40 inches
  • Brightness: 300 cd/m² - 1000 cd/m² standard  and transflective (sunlight readable)
  • Connectivity options for different display controller types: VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite video, etc.
  • Special connectivity options: direct LVDS connection via different ports
  • Voltage range: 110-230V AC  /  9-36 V DC
  • Customized bracket/mounting frame Material: metal, aluminum

Optional features:

  • ​individual (temperature dependent) fan control
  • brightness control via light sensor or rotary control
  • touchscreens & protective glass according to application
    and customer requirement

In addition, we offer a variety of manufacturer-independent services in relation to displays

  • ​Display upgrade by backlight replacement (CCFL to LED)
  • Display upgrade by use of more efficient display technology (LED, sunlight readable)
  • CRT monitor retrofitting to TFT technology (Plug & Play)
  • Delivery of AR-coated protective screens (anti-glare tempered glass or polycarbonate)
  • Chip-level repair for displays with a direct connection to the controller’s motherboard
    (LVDS / TTL direct connection)
  • Repair of components such as inverter, controller or any other display control
  • Sourcing hard to find displays

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